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Horwath HTL have completed more than 1000 Tourism Master Plans.

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Tourism and Leisure

Tourism and Leisure projects make up a large part of our business at Horwath HTL and we pride ourselves on having worked on some very significant projects all over the world. Tourism now accounts for such a high proportion of GDP that extensive investment is being made in the sector,  both publicly and privately, and many countries have identified Tourism as the driver for significant growth. Our experts take a systematic approach to every aspect of your project.

Travel and Tourism accounts for US$6 trillion dollars, or 9%, of global gross domestic product (GDP) and it supports 260 million jobs worldwide, either directly or indirectly. That’s almost 1 in 12 of all jobs on the planet. ” World Travel and Tourism Council

At Horwath HTL, we specialise in three key areas; Policy and Development, Project Planning and Management and Destination Marketing.

Public policy and framework play a fundamental part in the development and success of tourism initiatives and form the backbone of our expertise. We work together with local offices and governmental bodies to fully develop a strategy based on technical skill and international best practices to create viable long term schemes that will create value and sustainability. At this stage of the development, we offer a range of services to scope out public policy, examine the long term development and the likely economic impact they will have, develop master plans, specific concepts, feasibility studies, strategic, operational and marketing plans.

We work with local or national tourist organisations, countries, regions or communities,providing a thorough diagnosis of the territory in question, and a proposal for developing a tourism and leisure strategy with a five to ten year action plan.

If required, we can also create a master plan for strategic sites and carry out an audit of existing tourist operations. Further work could include the development of a brand strategy for the territory and its implementation over a one to three year period. Here are the services we offer as a network:

Planning & Strategy

  • Tourism development strategy
  • Institutional Support
  • Destination Strategy (brand)
  • E-tourism
  • Public Policy Evaluation
  • Impact Studies and Tourism Statistics

Project Management

  • Master Planning
  • Feasibility/Programming Studies
  • Market Research Studies
  • Technical Assistance
  • Business Plan

Operational Advisory

  • Audit/Operational Review
  • Assistance in setting-up projects/Public Procedures
  • Search for Investors & Public/Private Player
  • Owner Representation